Talia Golchin (b.1986 Tehran) is a multi-disciplinary, self-taught artist who explores themes revolving around ‘human behaviour, pop culture and society at large’. Placing an emphasis on social observation and the piercing insights that can arise from it, she combines contemporary and traditional techniques including oil painting, collage, digital art and etching from her studio in London.

Raised in a family of creatives, Talia’s artistic journey initially began through portraiture and figurative oil paintings, and it was her curiosity in people that led her to create works with a human-centric viewpoint.

Talia’s desire to further expand her knowledge in other creative fields led her to study fashion design. As a young fashion graduate, Talia garnered a reputation for art inspired designs, and her collection was chosen to be showcased at London Graduate Fashion Week 2012. The collection took inspiration from Wayne Thallon’s Sunday Times article ‘How Does it Feel to Grow Up in a Brothel.’

More recently, Talia’s social commentary art ‘Those We Love and Loathe’ has been exhibited at Saatchi Gallery (Sept 2018, London) and Rome March 2019. She continues to work on private commissions as well as her new projects.

Talia’s art always reflects a novel, intelligent and sometimes humorous perception of the world.

‘Those We Love and Loathe’ is a sardonic view of the most reviled and admired personalities of the past century. The signature piece is a large multi-media collage and light box that presents a social minded prism of fifty iconic and infamous individuals originating from a wide range of backgrounds. The art is designed to stimulate both visual and intellectual senses, as well as question our perception of the world around us when examined in detail.